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It is a pleasure to announce that next WorldLeish 6 congress will be organized by the Instituto de Salud Carlos III (ISCIII, Spain) and the Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative (DNDi, Switzerland) in Toledo - a world heritage city. By the end of January the will be active with preliminary information and more to follow soon after.
From: 16th to 20th May 2017 Heritage City
Website : www.WL6.org
June 28th-July 1st, 2016 Reims, France
Website : ISOPS 9 - 2nd circular
World Federation of Parasitologists
Newsletter Report

10thDecember, 2015
WFP - founded in Warsaw, Poland, 1960
June 28th-July 1st, 2016 Reims, France
Website : www.isops9.org
Dr Neeloo Singh has been awarded
Prof. B.K. Aikat Oration Award 2012
by Indian Council of Medical Research
This award is in recognition for her work on whole genome sequencing of clinical isolates of Leishmania in India
Barcelona Institute for Global Health is recruiting 15 PhD Fellows! to Control Leishmaniasis: biologists, epidemiologists, veterinarians, physicians, parasitologists, IT engineers, economists, etc
Marianne Comparet
Director at The International Society for Neglected Tropical Diseas
A vaccine for Kala-azar within reach?
The Hindu, September 12, 2013
Neeloo Singh team member of an Indo-Sri Lankan delegation for a workshop on "Update on clinical, diagnostic, chemotherapeutic and vector aspects of Leishmaniasis" in Colombo, Sri Lanka, 25-28 March 2013. Supported by Department of Science & Technology, Government of India and Ministry of Technology Research, Government of Sri Lanka.
Neeloo Singh delivered Prof. A.N. Bhaduri Memorial Lecture 4th May 2012 at B.C. Guha Centre, Baylliganj Science College, Kolkata.

March, 2019

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Latest Activities
Worldleish4 conference held in the month of February, 2009

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Welcome To Leishmaniasis Research Society (India)
(Registered under Societies’ Registration Act, XXX of 1860) No. 476-2008-2009
Area of operation: Whole of North India
Object:The objects for which the Society is formed are:
  1. To work for the research of Leishmaniasis in all respects in India.
  2. To coordinate research amongst people by developing indigenous methods for
    carrying out diagnosis and treatment for Indian public.
  3. To disseminate information regarding Pathogenesis and treatment at various levels including scientific community and local people.
  4. To educate public and bring awareness amongst the people by holding camps, seminars , conferences through electronic media and any other mode of communication in different parts of the country.
  5. To study and carry out the research activities for the eradication of Leishmaniasis
  6. To engage in charitable and social activities aimed at improving the living conditions and general welfare of the poor and indigent persons of whatever occupation, irrespective of race, caste, community or creed.
  7. To promote and carry out the research for the development of the drugs at various levels and distribute the drugs free of cost to various persons irrespective of race, caste, community and creed.
  8. To initiate support, encourage and promote the advancement of educational activities in all branches of Leishmaniasis mainly Academicals, Cultural, Technical, Industrial and Social for the benefit of all children and youth, religion and social status.
  9. To promote, encourage and organize education in rural areas through forming committees, societies or bodies at various levels, developing local talent and leadership, providing mobile vans equipped with public speaking systems and libraries and availing of all available media for creating awareness for Leishmaniasis and implementing various educational programs of the society.
  10. To provide training, design and marketing facility to Leishmania endemic areas.